Load and configure the code

Table of Contents

APM:Rover Code and Configuration

Load the code:

If you have not already done so, download and install the Mission Planner. Mac and Linux users can download APM Planner. This manual uses Mission Planner, although the instructions can be applied to both programs.

Once you have installed Mission Planner, run it. Use your USB cable to plug the APM 2.5 into your PC. In the Mission Planner (top right of window), select the COM port that Windows assigned to your APM 2.5 and ensure that the baudrate is 115200. Once that is done, you can load the ArduRover firmware on to APM 2.5. Just click on the icon shown belpw in the Firmware tab. The code will automatically load.


Once the code is loaded, press the “Connect” button in the top right of the Mission Planner, and it should connect to the APM 2.5 board via MAVLink. After that is done, you can switch to the Configuration tab and do the setup as follows.

Calibrate Your RC settings:

With APM 2.5 connected via USB and the RC connected as per the hardware installation instructions, turn on your RC transmitter. If your RC receiver (Rx) and transmitter (Tx) are bound, you should be able to see the green pars in the Radio Calibration section moving when you move the transmitter sticks.

If they are not moving, check:

  • Is the solid green light on your r